History of Leghowney Hall

Extract of the first account book 1937

Extract of the first account book 1937

Extract of the first account book 1937

Extract of the first account book 1937

Extract of the first account book 1937

Extract of the first account book 1937

In 1932 the Leghowney Flute was formed and its Home at that time was a Barn belonging to Edward Travers in Finadoose. This premises was used for band practice meetings and to store the instruments. It was also the headquarters of the local Fianna Fail organisation.

Barns and schools were the only venues for the functions i.e. dances concerts, which was the only entertainment at that time.

Of course house dances were also a very important part of the Local Community. In every house was an instrument: a fiddle, an accordion, mouth organ or tin whistle. With a big population of young people around the area and most of them learned to play music, they were able to entertain. It was talked about at these house parties that a Dance Hall should be build in the Leghowney area.

A final decision was taken at a meeting in Edward Travers Barn in January 1937, that a hall would be built and a committee was set up, a site acquired in Aughlim in Ned Gillespies field and for some unknown reason this site was not built on. The location was to be changed to a field belonging to Edward Murphy where we are at present.

Building work started June of 1937 and the famous Leghowney Hall was opened on the 11th of November 1937. The proceeds on the night was 19 pounds 17 shillings and six pence. The site for the Hall cost 5 pounds and the structure of tin and timber cost 400 pounds, two melodians for 2 pounds and we are still dancing in Leghowney 71 years later and after a major refurbishment it will accommodate and entertain for another 70 years.

Dancing on the opening night music was supplied by local musicians and the big band was the Great Music of Paddy McCafferty's Band from Ballyboffey who entertained many a night until the mid 60s. Other great bands who played there in the 40s, 50s and early 60s were the Slieve Foy Leo and Baba Brennen, Steve McPelemy, Alex Glackin, The Haugheys (the lyrics donegal town), Willie Ponsonboy, The Keynotes and many more. Then we had the Skiffile Groups Laghey and Donegal Town and of course we had our own local musicians Peter Travers, The McNamees, Hone Brothers Sean and Patand Joe Kilpatrick.

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John Cassidy

Leghowney Wisper

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